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Temple Beth Shalom of the North Shore of Boston

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489 Lowell Street  Peabody, MA 01960

(978) 535-2100  

Fax: (978) 536-3115

Home - Contact Us - Directions

A Reform congregation affiliated with

The Union for Reform Judaism

Welcome to Temple Beth Shalom of the North Shore

Welcome to Temple Beth Shalom, a Reform temple in Peabody, Massachusetts.  We were founded almost 50 years ago and have provided the local Jewish community with a broad range of services throughout that time.

Temple Beth Shalom has a rich tradition of education including Hebrew school, pre-school and adult education, not to mention an on-going series of guest lectures from local and visiting scholars.

If you are looking for a place of Jewish community, education, social interaction and worship then we hope you will consider Temple Beth Shalom.

We encourage you to read through our web site to see all that our Temple has to offer.  Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our administrator at or stop by the Temple office.

If you are interested in joining our community, please see Becoming a Member.

Wed March 18th

7 pm Women’s Rosh Hodesh @ TBS

Thur March 19th

3:30 pm Religious School Gr 3-6

5:30 pm Grade 6 B/M Meeting (Pizza)

Fri March 20th  

6 pm Shabbat Family Dinner @ TBS

7 pm Shabbat Family Service @ TBS

Birthday Blessing

Sat March 21st

11 am North Shore Jewish Families with Young Children program Shir Shabbat at TNT

Sun March 22nd

10 am Religious School Gr K-7 (Mock Seder)

10:15 am Adult Ed- Travels through the Torah and Beyond with Matt Medford

Tues March 24th  

6 pm Pre- Confirmation and Confirmation  (Dinner)

Thur March 26th

3:30 pm Religious School Gr 3-6

7 pm TBS Worship Committee Mtg

Fri March 27th

7 pm Shabbat Svc-Rabbi Mathis and Cantor Robins leading

Sat March 28th

11 am Bat Mitzvah- Michelle Marder

Sun March 29th

10 am RS Grades K-7

11 am TBS Concert- Rick Recht

5 pm Women’s Passover Seder (with Reservations)

Tues March 31st

7 pm Wine Cheese and Wisdon with Rabbi Mathis (Adult Ed)

April 2015

Thur April 2nd

3:30 pm RS Grades 3-6

Fri April 3rd

No Shabbat Services

1st Passover Seder

Sat April 4th

5 pm 2nd Night Passover Seder (with reservations)

Sun April 5th

No Religious School (Passover 2nd Day)

Tue April 7th

2 pm Sisterhood Book Club gathering

6 pm Pre-Confirmation and Confirmation (Dinner)

March 2015

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For Monthly Bulletin:  February 2015

North Shore Jewish Families

with Young Children

Our Community’s Commitment

Our synagogue has partnered with JF&CS Family Table and we have made the commitment to collect 20 cans of tuna and 20 boxes of whole grain cereal every month.

Our collection bin is located near the temple office.  Please help us fulfill our commitment to Family Table by bringing one of these products whenever you come to Temple.

Help us make a difference in the lives of those in need by feeding the hungry!

Women's Rosh Chodesh Gatherings - 7th Season

Nisan Wednesday, March 18th  - 7 pm @ TBS

All women are invited to join us as we begin our seventh season of Rosh Chodesh celebrations and launch into a year of learning as we explore the women of the Jewish Bible and beyond.  

We'll meet at a Temple Beth Shalom at 7 pm;  

cost is $5.  

Please RSVP  to Jennifer Kahn at

978-686-9026 or

Chodesh tov

Ad Ed-Travels through the Torah and Beyond 4-12-15 with Jennifer Kahn.pdf